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First czech videocache

Exploration and discovery of new network videos potentials is facing us with various challenges. Result of one of those projects is for sure the first videocache in Czech republic. Another beauty example of multifunctional camera usage. Find more and catch it… or provide your own.

Axis F34 – retail obvious choice

Axis newcomer represent completely prepared supervisory system in compact packing for very affordable price. Four cameras with HDTV distinction and wide field of sight cover every corner of your salesroom. 2 SD cards take care of record and our central NetRex platform, which at one accord peak cloud system with access from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

IP Video Bootcamp

Let us invite you to the third year of the IP Video Bootcamp, an event for technically and practically minded persons who are interested in news from the IP industry. In this Bootcamp, same as in the previous years, not a single power point slide was presented, and you were allowed to try and touch everything by yourselves. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Slow TV on

Slow TV, the funniest television also about the most boring stuff, has started. Television broadcasting without a single cut. From places you know well, using a view you do not know at all. About the stuff you meet every day as well as the stuff not usually possible to see. NetRex is, of course, involved.