IP Video Bootcamp

3030Dear Axis partners and Axis fans,

The leading manufacturer of IP cameras, Axis Communications, held on 10 September 2015 already the third year of the IP Video Bootcamp, an event for technically and practically minded persons who are interested in news from the IP industry. In this Bootcamp, same as in the previous years, not a single power point slide was presented, and you were allowed to try and touch everything by yourselves. The event was only intended for members of the Axis Partner Programme.

This year, the content was grouped into 6 thematic blocks from which you could select 3 of them based on the type of your business and the type of the projects you have. Are you interested in the surveillance in the city, key infrastructure, retail, or software innovations? Find out more information on this web. Also the evening programme, with the Beat unbeatable Chuck Norris! topic, was equally varied.

Do not wait and register yourself, we are looking forward to you.