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We ensure the new MAFRA project technically

SlowTV is live broadcast from places that promise interesting stories. We slowly watch seemingly ordinary scenes from the lives of people, animals, plants and machines happening right at this moment. Is it boring? Maybe, but only at first glance.

Try to watch the current broadcast from the landing and take-away runway at Prague Airport, and other projects.

The Slow TV broadcast usually lasts very long time, hours, days or weeks. In order to avoid that the television crew with a camera operator does not have to stay there for the whole time, the potential of permanently installed AXIS IP cameras, connected directly to the streaming platform through the CamStreamer application developed by us, is used there. The flexible and variable technological solution is also a challenge for the viewers. It is because the authors of the SlowTV project will also welcome your ideas about placing the cameras, which our company will try to implement.