First czech videocache

In 2014 there was announced the contest of videocache concept and a winner, Dacinka, got an IP camera AXIS and our technical support for broadcast provision. Winning project appeared more than ambitious. We don´t know anyone, who would rebuild house and its frontgarden because of cache. Further from preparation, realisation and operation initiation elapsed more than one year.

Catchers, show off.

How does it all works

Camera AXIS F41 includes minisized scanner unit with object lens, which can be installed several metres from the body of camera by itself, furthermore it´s equipped by microphone. We took the use of it with success. Camera switchs on with cache opening and within few seconds may cachehunters record video message for other catchers, friends, themselves or owner Dacinka. Rather – those, who wants to record video, has to push the button under ingeniously hidden camera and with repeatedly push end the recording. Everything is afterwards automatically transmit to relevant YouTube channel through our CamStreamer application.

Camera and all mechanism installation by itself was challenge neither only for owner Dacinka, nor for our technicians, who had to create special camera conversion. Unconventional installation moved our team abilities again a big step ahead. We learned and recreate a lot.

Information about cache location find on

Hope, now you will have fun too.