Mobile Surveilance

Mobile Surveilance

Watch the important things

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Keep the course of construction, the occupational safety compliance, valuable machinery and material under the supervision that never sleeps.

Municipal police

Apply an intelligent solution allowing the quickly changing safety needs and requirements of your city to be responded to flexibly.

Tourist centres

Address a wide number of potential customers with attractive camera shots showing the beauty and attractions of your location.

Sporting events

Increase the audience and sponsorship attractiveness of your sporting events using cameras placed directly in the centre of events.

Car parks

Offer your customers a better sense of security and get sophisticated tools saving you work and helping solve possible disputes.

Remote locations

Offer your customers a better sense of security and get sophisticated tool saving your work and helping in eventual dispute solutions.

Mobile racks

Above-standard water-resistant workmanship

Ask for the highest quality! All technologies are supplied in a tailor-made self-supporting electrical cabinet. The rack is made of 1.5 mm thick sheet electro-galvanized and painted with a quality powder coating. Thus, it is non-corrosive and will look great even after using it for a long time in harsh environments.

Quality to the smallest details

The rack has IP65 protection. It means, it is fully dust-proof and resistant to strong splashing water. Its production is based on many years of practice and also the smallest details have been taken into account. Thus, there is also a screen preventing water dripping into the open electrical cabinet. The bevelled upper edge of the cabinet together with protrusions on the back side of rack provides better water drainage.

Elegant and fast installation

The system is delivered fully assembled and may be placed easily on a wall or pillar with a diameter of 45 – 150 mm. Thus, the wide mounting range allows the system installation both on a standardized scaffold pipe and a public lighting pillar. Using the sophisticated adapters enclosed, you can install the system within a few minutes. To fit the camera and rack, you only need a 17 mm mounting wrench. Only the mobile operator signal and a 230 V power supply is needed in the respective location.

Smart power supply

Stabilized power supply and quality accumulator provide the system operation for, at least, 20 hours. The battery is fully charged within just 6 hours. The system is designed to be charged from the public lighting circuit. The light switched on during the night is recharged by the accumulator, from which the set runs during the time when the light is off. The accumulator lasts 400 full discharge cycles. With a special mounting pad providing better air circulation, the battery lifetime may be even longer. A start button allows the source to be activated without the mains power supply. The source itself informs the user of the mains power supply outage as well as an AC power decrease below 20 %. You will always have enough time to replace it.

Easy replacement of the accumulator

We know from our experience that the accumulator replacement can be quite difficult. A heavy battery and a system placed on a high pillar can prove troublesome. When designing the system, we also took into consideration these situations and came up with a solution where no wrench is needed to replace the battery in the rack. Simply remove the fuse in the rack and disconnect the fasten connectors of the empty battery. Bring it down and fit the connectors to the new battery. Then connect the new battery in the rack with a simple click. The placing and removing of the battery is also facilitated by a mounting plate.

Powering and data with one cable

Do not be concerned with unnecessary cables. To connect the camera and rack, you only need one cable. The industrial PoE injector fitted provides both the powering of camera and the necessary data transfer using a durable Ethernet cable.

Protection of sensitive components

The expensive technology is protected by several protection circuits ensuring its operation even in unfavourable situations. The short-circuit protection is ensured by a 3.15 A safety fuse. To protect the system against over-voltage, it is equipped with a varistor. As a protection against current surges of the public lighting electric circuit, we used a time-delay relay with an adjustable delay time of the source start-up (1-10 minutes). Protection of PoE powering of the camera is ensured by a semiconductor Transil element and lighting arrester.

Device under lock and in sight

The access to the rack is possible using two pieces of wrench provided that can unlock a reliable single-point cylinder lock. Yet, for the application in difficult conditions, it is equipped with a cap. To prevent unauthorized access to the rack, a protective contact has been installed there notifying the owner immediately of the cabinet opening. The NetRex system has a number of other control elements available through hosted NetRex solution.

Durable wiring

We know that the cable connection not only needs to be connectible easily and reliably but it also needs to be resistant to severe climatic conditions. Therefore we have chosen an industry standard. The rack is equipped with an Ethernet connector with a dust cap (IP68). As a counterpart, the delivery includes a 1.5 m black UTP cable with RJ45-M connectors to connect the camera. The connection is done by clicking and screwing. For the mains power supply, there is M20 cable grommet, and to extend the system with another device, there is a spare four-cable grommet M32 with plugs. Thus, you can easily add, for example, a speaker or meteo-station, and other accessories.

Reliable Internet connection

Connect at the highest possible speed. A multi-functional 3G router together with a compact antenna provide a reliable connection of the system to the Internet almost anywhere. The router has slots for 2 SIM cards with the possibility to switch over when the data limit has been reached or in case of roaming detection. It is also equipped with a LAN connector to connect the camera, and with an I/O connector and I/O CNT connector to connect other sensors. A GPS module and Wi-Fi card are also included. The extended industrial temperature range from -30°C to +60°C enables its usage in extreme conditions.

Easily accessible Wi-Fi access point

Wi-Fi card fitted in the multi-functional router, together with a compact combo antenna, provides fast establishment of a Wi-Fi access point. It allows not only the local access to the camera and recordings but also provides access to the Internet from other devices within the respective location. From smartphones and tablets to notebooks. You will really appreciate this very practical function with the surveillance of construction sites as well as other locations.

GPS for your peace of mind and an overview

Watch your system at all times. Integrated GPS module in a multi-functional router fitted, together with a compact combo antenna, allows you to have your system absolutely under control. GPS module informs you continuously not only about its exact current position but also informs you immediately of any change of its position. Do not give a chance to thieves.

Wide range of cameras supported

Equip the system with the best things in the market. Select any IP camera of the world´s leading manufacturer, Axis Communications AB. You will get a high quality image and intelligent application. A sophisticated video analysis will alert you reliably to any unusual situations and send a notification to you via SMS or email. The traceability of key moments is only a matter of several seconds.

Comfortable storage of recordings

Take advantage of the latest technology. A high-capacity SD card inserted directly to the selected camera models allows the recordings to be stored in the highest quality. In the event of camera theft, or for fast searching of events, use simultaneous recording on remote protected NetRex servers.

Do it cleverly

We use cloud solutions for email and document administration through web interfaces, data storages and banking applications with confidence every day. So, why not choose hosted surveillance system, considering the fact that it is also used by customers, such as Adidas, Apple, T-Mobile, Gant or Klenoty Aurum. Pay only for the time you really use the system. Watch the live image or recordings anytime and anywhere in the world using any computer, tablet or mobile phone. NetRex services also enable you to present live image easily and quickly on your web sites or social networks.

Everything absolutely under control

NetRex system protects not only your property but it effectively guards itself, too. The current device state is always available for you in the system web interface and you will be notified of possible problems immediately through SMS message or email. The system may be extended easily by other checks or methods of notification. Using the I/O port, you can connect easily a thermometer, shock detector, humidity detector or light beacon.

Advanced detection functions

  • GPS localization with information about the position change
  • Too low accumulator status
  • Unauthorized opening of the rack entrance door
  • Power outage
  • Camera unavailability
  • Inside rack temperature out of permitted limit

 Look under the lid


  • UMTS/HSPA+ & EDGE/GPRS mobile connection (2 slots for SIM card)
  • Maximum mobile download speed 21.1 Mbit/s, upload 5.7 Mbit/s
  • Setting the switchover between SIM cards when the predetermined data limit has been reached, in case of roaming detection, etc.
  • Powerful UMTS 2 dBi combo antenna, active GPS 32 dBi, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 2 dBi
  • 1 × GPS module (localization of the system in the field, notification of position change)
  • 1 × Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz card to activate the Wi-Fi access point (local access to the camera and recordings, suitable also to access the Internet, e.g. at a construction site)
  • 1 × LAN 10/100 Mbit/s interface to connect the camera
  • 1 × I/O connector on the router … 1 × binary input (potential free contact), 1 × binary output (open collector, max. 30 V / 100 mA)
  • 1 × I/O CNT module = 2 × counting input (max. 100 Hz, class max. 1:10 … possible also to set it up as a binary input), 2 × analog input (0 … 20 mA), 2 × binary input (potential free contact), 1 × binary output (open collector, max. 30 V / 100 mA)
  • Aluminium cap with a grip for DIN rail
  • Extended industrial temperature range from –30°C to +60°C



  • Stabilized 100W power supply, quality cyclic accumulator CSB EVX 12400 12 V / 40 Ah (400 full discharge cycles)
  • 195–265 V~ mains power supply, 24 V DC output, time-delay relay, safety fuse, and varistor for the system protection
  • START button to activate the source without the mains power supply
  • Check output for indication of the mains power supply outage and AKU discharge
  • Industrial PoE 15.4 W injector compatible with IEEE 802.3-2008, protection of PoE line transil + lighting arrester for powering the camera
  • The source will keep the system running at least for the duration of 20 hours and only 6 hours is sufficient to the full battery charge (designed for powering from the public lighting circuit)



  • Dimensions 400 × 350 × 210 mm (H × V × D)
  • IP65 protection level
  • Welded galvanized zinc self-supporting structure made of sheet 1.5 mm thick
  • Powder coated finish in the RAL 7035 colour (light grey)
  • Single-point cylinder lock + tamper contact
  • M20 cable grommet for the mains power supply, industrial RJ45-F connector with a dust cap (as a counterpart, the delivery includes black UTP cable of 1.5 m length with RJ45-M connectors to connect the camera), spare four-cable grommet M32 with plugs
  • The delivery also includes adapters for the rack and camera mounting on a pillar of 45-150 mm diameter, including jointing material.

Mobile Internet

Here, we are preparing for you an attractive offer of top data plans tailored to camera systems.


Mobile rack (without camera and related services) € 1 499 excl. VAT


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