An effective tool for counting the customers using cameras enabling you to increase your sales, employees’ motivation as well as optimising operational and marketing costs.

Only the measurable can be improved

Performance indicator

Focus on the conversion rate! Appraise and motivate the shop managers and personnel using a clear indicator providing you with information of how many shop visitors really became your customers. Using the NetRex Counter services, you will be able to see easily where your employees offer the goods actively and where people only pass through the shop.

Shift planning

Balance the number of service staff to get the maximum customer satisfaction while saving the labour costs significantly! Forget about outdated planning based on historical sales data that does not give you any space for the conversion rate growth. Use the real potential of incoming visitors!

Effective marketing

Invest your money wisely! Precise evaluation of the success of expensive marketing activities is undoubtedly the foundation for their further planning. Information on the number of visitors together with the cash register data will show you very quickly the right way to effective promotion.

Discover your store’s driving force


Easy installation

Save your money with quick installation.

The sophisticated communication of counters and our servers enables you to deploy the system very quickly by yourself or using our engineers.

High reliability

Do not let anyone sneak past.

The counting application resistance against Internet outages and 24/7 monitoring devices’ proper operation as well as the NetRex Counter services ensure the maximum data relevance.

Data storage

Keep your data safe and always available.

Secured and backed-up NetRex servers keep the collected data reliably for the entire period of using the service.

Maximum accuracy

Expect no less than 95% accuracy.

The integrated software of the counting camera reliably analyses any group of persons passing under it, including their movement direction.

Single device

Forget about solving any other unnecessary computers or software.

The analysis of passages can be handled by a single compact camera connected to a powerful central platform.

Intuitive interface

Work with data both on computer and mobile.

The advanced graphical interface will clearly provide you with so much needed information regarding the passages in the form of charts and tables.

Automatic reports

Do not waste your time with accessing the system.

Let us serve the data to your morning coffee. Work with detailed reports coming to your inbox at the specified time.

Excel connection

Forget about the boring completing of tables.

NetRex Counter will automatically complete your traffic data sheets at regular intervals.

Cash registr data

Evaluate, compare, motivate.

Combine the traffic information with the cash register data and get quick and accurate metrics of the respective shop performance. Enter the cash register data manually or use the option of connecting selected cash registers to the NetRex systems and get invaluable information of how many shop visitors really become your customers.

Application interface

Ask to have your data in your systems.

Get a competitive advantage through working effectively with data in the environment you are used to.

Service Price List

Netrex Counter
Price € 24,90 excl. VAT / month
Volume discounts Please contact our Sales dept.
Measurement accuracy 95 – 99%
Recognizing the passage direction Yes
Recognizing persons passing at the same time Yes
Privacy of passing persons Yes
Web access Yes
Mobile access Yes
Automatic data reporting Yes
Online connection to MS Excel Yes
Data export Yes
Central data storage For the period of using the NetRex Counter service
Counting resistance against Internet outages Yes
24/7 surveillance over the system operation Yes
Event login Yes
Secure SSL access Yes
Event module Yes
Notification of event by e-mail Yes
Subordinate user accounts Yes
Access to system functions through the application interface (API) Yes
Customer support Email and telephone (8 x 5)
Proactive monitoring No (possible to purchase within extended support)
Possibility to purchase extended support (SLA) Yes