Advanced cloud service to watch both live video and its recording centrally from various locations.

Build upon a quality foundation

Top-quality cameras

Ask for quality. A broad portfolio of cameras of the leader and innovator within the overall surveillance system market, the Swedish Axis brand, is a safe bet. Excellent image and superior parameters of the cameras guarantee to meet the purposes for which you purchase the system.

Powerful platform

You can rely on it. The NetRex Monitor service runs on powerful, backed-up and secured servers connected to the Internet via reliable high-speed lines.

Quality service

Leave it to us. The service functionality is taken care of by experienced technicians with many years of experience. The central platform enables us to deal with problems without having to visit you. We can also offer you a complex proactive check of the entire system.

Continuous development

Always stay on top. We improve our systems continuously based on our experience and feedback from our customers. Our strong development team is able to implement new inspirations and ideas into practice very quickly.

Explore the world of hosted video


Very easy to install

Save your money with quick installation.

Forget about complicated firewall configurations, setting the cameras or public IP addresses.  Just simply connect the cameras and other technology supplied to the Internet and log in to the web application. You can do it yourself or our experienced technicians will help you. It cannot be more comfortable.

Comfortable storage of recordings

Take advantage of the latest trends and compression formats.

Save shorter recordings smartly on SD cards placed directly in the cameras. Longer recordings of the highest quality can be reliably stored in the local high-capacity storages. Simultaneous recording on remote central servers will not only provide you with a reliable backup but will also enable very quick traceability of critical moments.

Sophisticated live view

Have control from anywhere and anytime you need.

Access the system not only via any web browser of any computer but also from mobile phones and tablets. Powerful streaming servers provide quality live video transmission to a larger number of remote viewers without further load of the Internet in the monitored area.

Advanced search

Work quickly and efficiently.

Search for recordings by the time of their creation as well as the event filters. Access the recordings from all storages using a uniform interface. Smaller preview recordings, stored on central servers, will help you to quickly identify the respective event to which you subsequently get the recording in a high quality. No more downloading of unnecessary GBs of data.

Smart event module

Set the system behaviour according to your needs.

The option of recording or notifying in important moments and situations is only a fraction of available options.

Central check functionality

Leave your worries to us.

The system continuously monitors the functionality of cameras, recording processes as well as the condition of all important services, and notifies you immediately of any problems. Interconnection of the device with the central platform enables to handle most problems remotely and, thus, saves the costs of service technicians.

Event login and SSL access

Maximum safety is our priority.

The encrypted access, data transmission as well as the automatic detection of all events provide complete control over the system.

Subordinate user accounts

Access to cameras with clearly definable rights.

Create the required amount of subordinate user accounts with a detailed log of their activities.

Intelligent video applications

Let the cameras work instead of you.

Optional smart video applications, available to be purchased and installed to your Axis IP cameras, are another cogent reason why to use them. These applications reduce the enormous amount of image information, provide even more reliable and flexible solutions, and dramatically reduce work requirements for employees. Starting from detection of premises intrusion, people standing, objects put aside, through recognition of licence plates, and people counting,… Intelligent cameras never sleep and notify of the important things.

Effective system connection

Get the most out of your cameras.

Connect them to your cash registers, attendance systems, alarm receiving centre, or transfer the image and recording to your application. The documented and developed application interface provides effective creation of higher functional units, as well as the ability to work with image and recording in the software you are used to.

Service Price List

Netrex Monitor Connect Basic Premium
Price € 5,90 excl. VAT / month € 7,90 excl. VAT / month € 15,90 excl. VAT / month
Volume discounts Please contact our Sales dept.
Live view to the camera Yes Yes Yes
Mobile access Yes Yes Yes
The number of current remote accesses to the camera 1 2 5
Remote video and sound recording (NetRex servers) No Guarantee of 7 days of recording Guarantee of 45 days of recording
Local video and sound recording No Up to 7 days Up to 45 days
Easy access to recordings and search function No Yes Yes
24/7 surveillance over the system operation Yes Yes Yes
Event login Yes Yes Yes
Secure SSL access Yes Yes Yes
Event module Yes Yes Yes
Notification of event by e.mail Yes Yes Yes
Notification of event to a smartphone Yes Yes Yes
Subordinate user accounts Yes Yes Yes
Access to system functions through the application interface (API) No No Yes
Various services within a single master account Yes Yes Yes
Customer support E-mail E-mail Email and telephone (8 x 5)
Proactive monitoring No (possible to purchase within extended support)
Possibility to purchase extended support (SLA) Yes Yes Yes