Deep knowledge of the retail and video technology industry together with the wide offer of NetRex services enable us to design a surveillance solution for any individual shop or the entire retail network.

Why NetRex

Are you wandering how to improve the protection of your employees, property and customers? We have a solution for your and, what’s more, we will also help you to reduce losses and accurately evaluate the shop performance and marketing campaigns. You will be able to plan the shifts effectively, organize the shop properly, check the opening hours, or discourage potential thieves.

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Motion analysis

Identify the areas where the customers move most frequently as well as the areas of the shop used very little. A complete picture of the customers’ behaviour will enable you to optimize both the appearance and performance of the shop, increase customer’s satisfaction as well as the marketing success.

Find out more about the NetRex Heatmap service.

Opening hours under control

Monitor the time when the shop opens and closes. Simple sensors, in combination with a camera, will provide you with valuable information on when your employees open the shop, how often they close it during the day, and when they leave in the evening. All this in an easy-to-follow report, including quickly available video recording.

Find out more about external sensors.

Safety comes first

Protect your staff, visitors and property of the shop. The latest IP cameras are an excellent tool to suppress and detect criminal activities. Using video detection and other smart applications, the cameras themselves can guard the respective premises and respond to unusual situations immediately. They will send you SMS or email. They can activate recording, turn on the lights, lock the doors, start the siren, or even play an audio message.

Find out more about the NetRex Monitor service.

People counting

Compare and evaluate the performance of individual shops based on traffic statistics, or by analysing how many visitors became your real customers. Optimize the marketing and operational costs by checking the success of advertising campaigns and planning the shifts based on real peak hours.

Find out more about the NetRex Counter service.

Supervision of cash registers and weighing machines

Reduce your losses in cash registers by their connection to a camera! You can easily check video recordings of key operations, such as, refunds, discounts, unfinished receipts, opening the cash drawer, or returning cash, retroactively during your morning coffee time. More effective monitoring will be certainly reflected in your shop’s results.

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Public monitors

Transmit the live image from cameras to any monitors. This tool to reduce crime, verified by many years of practice, is also an excellent promotional item because of the option of playing other content. Another monitor situated in premises of the headquarters will become an open window to all your branches.

Find out more about the surveillance station.

Other benefits of our services


Remote and mobile surveillance

Monitor your shops anytime and anywhere in the world using any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Stay in touch with your shop even during your trips. Save costs on mystery shopping and reduce the trips of your regional managers.

Cloud solution

Reduce your investments into the system to a necessary minimum and leave the system administration and maintenance to the provider with many years of experience. Why pay for expensive servers, extra software or technicians. The hosted solution will allow you the access to a top quality and easily extendible system at a fraction of its initial costs. Pay only for the time you really use the system.

Comfortable storage of recordings

Store your recordings cleverly and inexpensively. The current options to store video recordings to a high-capacity SD cards placed directly in the cameras significantly reduce the acquisition costs of the system. There are special recording devices placed directly in the shops to keep longer segments. The recordings can also be stored on remote secured servers of the provider.

Central check of functionality

Have your cameras under control. The central platform continuously monitors the proper operation of the connected devices and the processes running there. If any problem occurs, it will immediately inform you by email or SMS.

Top-quality cameras

Use the best quality. The quality camera image is the foundation of each camera system and used smart applications. It also significantly reduces the number of used cameras and, thus, also saves money. The HDTV resolution of IP cameras is becoming a standard and inevitably puts the analog cameras with a 4-times smaller resolution to the dustbin of history. The wide range of digital cameras will cover any need of any shop. From hidden and static to rotating cameras.

Reduce your losses in cash registers by their connection to a camera!

Many years of experience of the customers demonstrate that a great attention needs to be paid to the activities on the cash registers. It is the place where problems occur frequently, and they need to be solved quickly and effectively. At first glance, the solution to simply place a camera above the cash register may seem effective but, due to a lengthy search, it is completely ineffective. Only the close interconnection of the cash register and camera systems can offer you the right powerful monitoring tool.


Interconnect the systems and get…

  • Visual overview of the sales, with information on the goods that have been actually rung up.
  • Advanced filters of cash transactions (e.g., refund, discount, item deleting, etc.) to go through the video recordings quickly and easily.
  • Video recording to each cash drawer opening.
  • Information on how the employees proceed when dealing with customers in specific operations.


Updated and integrated cash register systems


Cash register system developed by Wincor Nixdorf belongs among the top in solutions for retail shops. Twenty years of experience with the automation of shops trading with consumer, specialized and fashion goods is a safe bet. The company’s clientele are customers who really think about their retail shop in a modern way, and expect from the software solution not only to automate the standard processes but also to connect the retail shop with marketing or other Internet business. Requirements to improve safety and quality of sales or advanced optimization tools are common, too.


The WinShop cash register system is developed and supplied by APLS Praha s.r.o. that belongs to the biggest Czech suppliers of information systems for retail organisation management. The company has been offering its solutions to customers since 1995 and, since then, they have gained hundreds of satisfied customers for their system. Find out more about the benefits and options of the offered systems on


A system developed and supplied by A.W.I.S. A.W.I.S. Správa, systémy s.r.o. has an important position in the field of cash register systems and cash registers for restaurants, cafés and clubs. Since 1992, when the company was established, they have gained many satisfied customers for their solution. Find out more about the benefits and options of this cash register system on

To significantly increase the added value of this cash register system, we, in close cooperation with A.W.I.S., created a new module to this solution. The Camera Surveillance module interconnect the cash register systems with the NetRex Monitor service. This provides you with new dimensions of effective control of your shop and motivation of your employees.

Your cash register system

Your cash register system

Even you can get the most out of the camera system. A documented and developed application interface will enable you to integrate your cash register system with the NetRex services easily and effectively. Work with live view and recording in the software you are used to, or check your cash transactions directly in the NetRex interface. Contact us for more information, please.

Let your imagination run wild!

Do not let your IP camera input ports lie idle and use their potential in full. The selected models of Axis network cameras are equipped with one or more input ports that enable you to connect a variety of external sensors. Get inspired by several examples of cost-effective sensors we commonly use.

Magnetic switch

Monitor the time when the shop opens and closes. By connecting a magnetic switch, for example, to the entrance roller shutter of the shop, you will get valuable information on when your employees open the shop, how often they close it during the day, and when they leave in the evening.  All this in an easy-to-follow report, including quickly available video recording and possible notification on opening or closing at non-standard times. A wide range of possibilities of installing this sensor enables you to watch a variety of situations.




Measure and monitor the temperature in important areas. Cost-effective digital temperature sensor connectible to a serial port of the camera will allow you to read the temperature in the range from -55 to 125 °C. Using the application uploaded directly in the connected camera, you can easily

  • Display the current temperature in the live view of the camera and recording,
  • Create a clearly presented charts, showing the temperature development in the monitored area,
  • Set instant alerts to the situations when the temperature exceeds or falls below set values for a designated time period.

The digital temperature sensor is an ideal solution for your freezers or storage and manufacturing facilities. It can also easily increase the attractiveness of the cameras shooting the beauty and attractions of your location.



Have the cash drawer constantly under surveillance. The microswitch placed in the cash drawer and connected to the camera monitors its opening and shutting reliably. With a simple sensor, you can easily get

  • Quickly and easily searchable recordings of the cash handling,
  • Control over the risky and unnecessarily long time interval of opening the cash drawer (setting alerts if the drawer opening exceeds a defined time period),
  • XLS reports on times when the cash drawer was opened.