Super lasers upon supervision

Since 2012 we technically support live broadcast and timelapse video purchase from ELI Beamlines and HiLASE construction at Dolní Břežany. Today we want to show you in short video, how laser center HiLASE has grew up in two years.

For live broadcast as well as timelapse is used Axis P1347-E camera with NetRex Streamer service, which stores data in 5 MPx distinction. Target timelapse video is composed of one day pictures.  

What is ELI

Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project is the part of european plan for new generation of huge research equipment construction selected by European strategic forum for research infrastructure.

10 times more intesive than others


Main ELI target is to build the most modern laser equipment in the world. In that there will be research and application projects, including light and substance interaction, executed with 10 times higher values than measured by now.

ELI will bring new knowledge potentially usable in medical displaying and diagnostics, instruments for developement and testing of new materials construction, X-ray optics etc.

ELI is either going to be attractive platform for education of new graduant, scientist and engineer generation. Czech republic will happen to be the host country of top international research, which in perspective will lure on further investments into advanced technologies with high added value.

More info about the project.

How did laser centre HiLASE grew up

In the first phase, architectonical research was carried out. After the demolition of constructions, gravel and asphalt areas were eliminated and waste was transported to a construction waste dumping ground. Consequently, excessive earth was transported. Soil necessary for the backfilling of an opened excavation after execution of terrain works will be stored at the dumping area of the construction site. During the next phase, the foundations of the entire building will be excavated, construction of the building will be initiated and connections to engineering networks will be executed. Concurrently with completion of the constructional part of the building, areas for pedestrians and traffic will be built. The last phase of the construction represents recultivation of green areas, planting of grown green vegetation and fitting of parterre elements and municipal mobiliary objects.

More information about constructional, technological and dispositional functional solutions of this unique building find on web side

Live view into the area

You can follow up the recent events whenever you feel like it. Live shots from further three Axis P1347-E cameras scanning ELI Beamlines building view on project sides.