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What is NetRex? NetRex is a robust application platform, providing a number of sophisticated cloud services. NetRex breaks the basic cost and configuration barriers using the latest digital camera system, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to the NetRex services, you are able to get top-quality camera surveillance, counting or analyses of the customers’ behaviour, or easy live transmission to the Internet, just for a fraction of the real costs.

In what languages are the NetRex services available?
The web and mobile interface used for access to the NetRex services are currently available in the following languages: Czech, English, and Polish.

How can I purchase the NetRex services?
Contact us and we will connect you to our closest local partner. This partner is ready to respond to any of your questions regarding the purchase, and will help you with the system installation.

How can I become the NetRex partner?
Get more information about the partnership and contact us. We will contact you soon.



How will NetRex provide uninterrupted access to my services?
NetRex has powerful servers that are operated in accordance with the latest industry and safety standards. Due to sophisticated monitoring tools and backups, we can assure you the availability 99% of the time.

How does NetRex ensure my data safety in the data centre?
The NetRex experts regularly verify the security inspections as well as the processes of the central platform. The data centres used are designed for continuous operation, and they use a number of security protections. From controlled access of a limited number of employees to the protection against electrical and data power supply outages.

How is my data protected against theft?
NetRex takes maximum care of your data. It, of course, also includes the protection of the entire communication using the 256-bit SSL encryption, as well as the requirement to enter a password to access any account. Thus, the access is only provided to authorised users of the system.

Is the privacy of my data protected?
Our employees or the employees of our partners can only access to your data provided that you give them your consent to do so, in the event of service requirements or a request for additional configuration of the system.


Account administration

Who is responsible for paying the services?
It is always the owner of the respective account who bears the responsibility for paying the NetRex services. The NetRex services are only paid to NetRex s.r.o. Any service or configuration requirements may be charged by your local partner.

Is it possible to activate other user accesses to the account?
Yes, it is. We can define up to 50 subordinate accounts with various authorisations to individual functions and parts of the system to each main account.

Is it possible to combine different service levels within the account?
Yes, it is. Each camera within the main account can have a different service level determined. For example, you can combine surveillance cameras with the NetRex Monitor Basic and NetRex Monitor Premium services.

Am I allowed to change the service level?
Yes, you are. Please contact us to upgrade the service.

How can I terminate the services provided?
If you require to terminate the services, please contact NetRex s.r.o. directly.


Using the system

Where can I find other information about the system operation?
Visit our Learning Centre page where you can find many video tutorials, technical manuals and tips to operate the NetRex system.

How many cameras can be connected to the NetRex platform within one account?
Within the main account, an unlimited number of cameras can be connected to the central NetRex platform.

What IP cameras do support the NetRex services?
The NetRex services are only supported by IP cameras of Axis Communications AB. Find out more on the IP Cameras page.

Does NetRex support analogue cameras?
Yes, it is does. Analogue cameras can be connected via selected models of IP video encoders of Axis Communications. Contact us for more information, please.

What data bandwidth does the NetRex services use?
The required data bandwidth depends on several key factors. It is affected particularly by the resolution of the transmitted video, frame rate, and parameters of the recording set. The estimation of the required bandwidth can be made using the Design Tool from Axis Communications AB.

Can I check the speed of my Internet connection?
There are a number of online services to check the speed. We recommend, for example, speedtest.net. Make sure that you are in the same network as your cameras. In particular, check the UPLOAD and PING parameters.

Is it possible to store recordings in my computer?
Yes, it is. The user with appropriate authorisation can download any recording to his/her own computer.

What is the reason for using the local recording device?
Using local storage or SD card placed directly in the camera provides several unquestionable advantages. One of them is the possibility to save the video at the maximum quality that would disproportionately burden the data connection in the respective location. It also ensures recording in the moments when the Internet connection is not available or is unstable.

What will happen if the Internet in my location fails?
If the Internet connection is not available, the NetRex platform is not able to access the live view from cameras in the respective location and to ensure recording to remote servers. However, the local recording to SD cards or NetRex Box will remain functional even in this situation.

Is it possible to access the NetRex services via mobile devices?
Yes, it is. Currently, the mobile applications for the Android and iOS systems are available.