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Video instructions

Let’s start

Login to the system
Get familiar with the interface
Personal setting


Live view (2:03 min)
Recordings (3:07 min)
Add camera
Alarm detection (1:17)
Streaming profiles
Rules of recording (2:18 min)
PTZ position
Video application
Configuration of image and sound

Data views

Work with charts
Setting the chart
Setting the report


Viewing elements
Configuration of noticeboard

Cash register

Work with cash register (2:52 min)
Basic setting


Creating rule (1:58 min)

Account administration

Creating another access


Password recovery
Checking the system status
Events in the system
Disconnecting the camera
Incorrect recording
Disconnecting the NetRex Box
Short time of saving the record
Disconnecting the counting camera
Information on passing not sent

Activation of access of technical support (1:21 mins)

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